Using the Circle of Health© to promote physical activity in migrants


Kelly Obertreis, a student of the Hochschule Furtwangen University is writing her Bachelor Thesis in the field of health science focusing on migrants in Germany and how to improve their health by making physical activity more attractive. One of her goals is to determine key issues and needs of women who have recently settled in Germany.


In April 2019, Kelly held a workshop with a group of migrant women, using the Circle of Health© as a tool to figure out crucial issues and to learn more about their needs. Illustrations of the various terms on the Circle of Health© had been shown to the women a few days earlier by instructor Stefanie Harsch, to help explain the meaning of the words. When Kelly realised the group had some trouble remembering the meaning of the words, she used the same illustrations to facilitate their discussion, making it easier for them to remember.

The participants showed great interest, and the results will be presented in her thesis. Kelly works under the supervision of Dr. Kirsten Steinhausen, Furtwangen University, Germany and Stefanie Harsch (M.A.), University of Education, Freiburg, Germany. Stefanie is the participating women’s GSL (German as a second language) teacher and took also part in the workshop to support Kelly and to work with the female newcomers.

Kelly Obertreis, student at Hochschule Furtwangen University, Germany