Become a Facilitator

The Circle of Health© is a dynamic, tangible tool used by educators, planners, front-line service providers, and community workers to bring the concepts of health promotion and community well-being into day-to-day life. Whether you work in the health sector, retail or manufacturing industry, primary resources or any location, the Circle of Health© can be used.

Interested in using the Circle of Health© in your community? Become a facilitator!

What is a facilitator? A facilitator works with others to develop group rapport and exchange of knowledge and ideas. A facilitator’s role is to work with group processes to ensure effective participation and achieve a high degree of consensus. A Circle of Health© facilitator uses an elicitive approach and is primarily responsible for processes of knowledge generation, partnership development and planning. When completing Facilitator training, you’ll learn about teaching/learning styles, learn activities for how to encourage creative problem solving and planning, and network with other facilitators.

We offer a Facilitator’s Handbook and a Facilitator’s Workshop for those who want to move forward with leading groups using the Circle of Health© in their communities.

The Facilitator’s Handbook supports new and experienced facilitators to use the Circle of Health© for education, partnership and planning purposes.

The Quaich Inc. has been facilitating in-person Facilitators workshops since 2004. With the increased demand for online offerings and travel restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, we are moving our workshops online! We are happy to say that soon, the Circle of Health© will reach an even wider audience.

We are in the process of adapting our in-person workshop to an online format. Please leave your email so we can get in touch when they are finalized and ready for registrants!

Facilitator training session In May 2023