The Circle of Health© is an interactive tool that provides a complete picture of the components of public health. It can be used in intersectoral collaboration, planning, problem-solving, and relationship building.

Rethink Health Promotion

Imagine if you had a tool that could help you solve problems differently; help you see multiple perspectives, work with other sectors, and build connections and partnerships that could make a difference in the health of your community, and our society as a whole. The Circle of Health© is the tool you are looking for!

What does health promotion mean to you?

Some see health promotion as ‘brochures and pamphlets’ or programs to promote individual physical health or lifestyle change. Some see it as disease prevention or social policy strategies. BUT when we look at the list of variables that determine health (income/social status, physical environment, gender, culture, social support, etc.) we see that health promotion must be a dynamic process that is broadly understood and involves multiple strategies.

The Circle of Health© framework was created to promote population health, foster collaboration, and create a shared language around health promotion in communities. The Circle was developed in Prince Edward Island in 1995 in a unique government – community partnership, and has copyright assigned to the PEI Health and Community Services Agency, Government of PEI. It takes users beyond the cliched view of “holistic health” and drills down into what affects the health of entire populations (and the individuals, families, and communities that create the whole). It is a physical tool that helps changemakers create healthier communities. 

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