Trappers' Running Club: Impact on Community Health


The Trappers’ Running Club (TRC) is a 100% voluntary effort in Happy Valley Goose Bay, Newfoundland and Labrador which began in 2008.  Each year the TRC organizes a marathon and provides clinics to engage new running enthusiasts; currently targeting two new groups – youth and high risk. As a successful recipient of a Provincial Wellness Grant for the past three years, it is required to have an evaluation conducted by an external evaluator using the Circle of Health©. However, members were not sure where to begin.


A search of the Internet and a phone call to The Quaich Inc. resulted in local NL partners organizing a workshop to introduce the Circle of Health©. “Foundations for Working Together” a curriculum workshop of the Atlantic Summer Institute on Healthy and Safe Communities was delivered in September 2011 to TRC and others in the area. With a better understanding of the Circle of Health©, TRC contracted The Quaich Inc. to assess its health promotion approach and evaluate its progress using the Circle of Health© methodology.


Trappers’ Running Club: Impact on Community Health