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One of the leading consulting tools in health promotion


The Circle of Health is an interactive framework and tool that provides a complete picture of the components of health at a glance.

Appealing to academics, community members, policy makers and others who are working with individuals, families and communities to promote health and well being, the Circle of Health is an exemplary tool for education, planning, collaboration and evaluation.

To watch the story of the development of the Circle of Health, visit our YouTube channel. Photos are available on our Flickr photostream.


  • Intersectoral Action for Health (AIPS)
  • Planning the Atlantic Summer Institute
  • Public Health Association of Serbia
  • Walk with it, talk with it, learn from it, (share it)!
  • Bringing About Change
  • Making Health Move!
  • Introducing the Circle of Health to Undergraduate and Graduate Classes
  • Trappers


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