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This week we held the last session of the online elective course on the Circle of Health with 20 students from Furtwangen University in Germany.

The students are now asking for examples of projects where the Circle of Health is being used. You can help! We are looking for some new stories to share with them - so please reply and send along any links that would be helpful to these students as they embark on their careers.

This elective course was offered by Furtwangen University for the first time and built on the workshop series offered by The Quaich Inc. twice a year. Based on positive feedback from the students, offering the course next year is a good possibility.

Although the students' first language is German and the course was taught in English, facilitator Patsy Beattie-Huggan found it to be a great teaching experience. It reinforced the value of progressive learning through 5 weekly sessions supported by assignments and a final case study. She was impressed with the interest and creativity of the students and their efforts to interact and write in English. There was some accommodation - small online group discussions were in German with reporting on a whiteboard in English.

Student feedback included:

"Just the right mixture of a nice experience, learning, changing and some good talk. Your always kind and supportive way to animate, motivated us."

"Thank you for the special kind of course and for explaining the COH. We would be pleased to welcome you in Furtwangen!"