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Sharing the Circle Telling the Story: Virtual Conference Report

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Vol. I - A comprehensive evaluation document summarizing the findings and learnings regarding the use of the Circle of Health, the adaptation of the story-dialogue method to the virtual medium, and the use of on-line conferencing as a means of delivering a health conference. Vol. II – A collection of stories of how the Circle of Health is used in universities, health organizations, communities etc. The virtual conference was designed to showcase 29 practitioners who used the Circle of Health to guide practice and education in a wide variety of settings - community, universities, government, and independent consulting. It also featured a few presenters who had not used the Circle of Health, but whose experiences in forming intersectoral partnerships for health can be linked to the framework. The 29 stories were divided into eight groups based on common themes: • Education • Extending the Use of the Circle • Programs • Policy and Planning • Learning • Health Systems/Community Partnerships • Child, Youth and Family • Active Living.