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Circle of Health - English
CTF Symposium special

Price: $25 (CAD)

This is a special offer for delegates purchasing a copy at the Canadian Teachers' Federation 2018 Women's Symposium in Charlottetown PEI. Save $5 by purchasing your copy at the Symposium!

The Circle of Health© (1996), is both a dynamic framework for health promotion and a tangible tool. Constructed using the theoretical frameworks of the determinants of health, Ottawa Charter, and the First Nations Medicine Wheel, the Circle of Health© has a wide range of applications. This tool is relevant to community, health, justice, economic, business and environmental issues which intersect with and influence individual and community well-being. It stimulates the user to search for good information, best practices and creative solutions. Developed in Prince Edward Island, Canada, the Circle of Health© continues to gain popularity nationally and internationally. The Circle of Health Kit consists of a Circle of Health interactive tool, Learning Guide and Background Document. The Circle provides a picture of the components of health promotion at-a-glance. By moving the rings you can line up many possible interactions within and between the components. The Circle can help you to understand health promotion as a very dynamic process which involves many people and strategies.